Discovering between Marche and Romagna

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Discovering between Marche and Romagna

Il Castello di Granarola is located in a strategic position: on horseback between Marche and Romagna, it is ideal to visit all the beautiful realities that arise here.

Pesaro with still visible part of the walls that allowed to spot and protect against possible attacks from the sea. It boasts a history linked to the Lordships that have taken turns on these lands and have underlined their power by building towers, castles and churches. In the historic center of Pesaro is the birthplace of Gioacchino Rossini, now transformed into a small museum. Event connected to this prominent figure is the Rossini Opera festival. Pesaro is full of events dedicated to the famous composer, the first true world pop star, especially in the celebration for his 150th anniversary of his death.

Saludecio rises on the hills of the Valconca. It is distinguished by the Porta Montanara, the Civic Tower, the Port Marina and the Municipal Palace of Saludecio which is located on the ruins of the ancient fortress. The historical climate of Saludecio is underlined by events such as the 19th century Festival, an event full of shows, music, markets and exhibitions, dedicated to this historical period. The Castle of Cerreto is one of the best preserved villages. Near Saludecio is Montegridolfo, another village built during the government of Sigismondo: the rectangular plan of the city and the tower that stands out from the city walls are its symbols.

Mondaino is located on the hills of the Foglia river valley in the province of Rimini. The name can be translated as the mountain of fallow deer, animals sacred to Diana, goddess of hunting. Mondaino was also a real, impregnable fortress belonging to the Malatesta family. The particularity of the village is the circular square behind the castle built in 800 and the loggia of the same period that runs around it. The square becomes an open-air theater for events, among the most remarkable is the Palio del Daino. During this historical re-enactment there are tournaments and performances of jugglers, minstrels and waders. Even the locals like the taverns disguise themselves to recall medieval life. Other activities you can do are: the spring walk and Fossa Tartufo & Venere.

Urbino. How not to fall in love with the Italian Renaissance Capital (just 20km from the castle of Granarola). Be surprised by the beauty of the Ducal Palace, a unique work in the world of its kind. Capital in which they left incredible traces of their passage absolute geniuses such as Piero della Francesco, Laurana and great masters. Città di Raffaello, the divin painter, who together with his father Giovanni Santi had his workshop here.

The speakers (San Giovanni and San Giuseppe in the lead) are hidden jewels to be discovered.

UNESCO heritage, with its streets, alleys and climbs, makes the visitor happy. The crescia, the wine and the typical products (also the truffle) make of Urbino an undisputed capital of the Italian enogastronomy. Unmissable!