Easter 2019

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Christmas with your parents… Easter with us!


If you want to visit new villages for Easter, Castello di Granarola is pleased to recommend small and beautiful villages easy to reach in a very short time.


Do you want to relax and at the same time live new discoveries? Castello di Granarola is located just 5 minutes drive from the most beautiful village of Italy, Gradara Castle. It is known above all for its historical Malatesta Fortress, which together with its fortified village and its surrounding walls represent a characteristic example of medieval architecture, recovered thanks to an intervention of interpretative restoration carried out at the beginning of the 20th century.

The castle is still well preserved and houses historic weapons and armor. Moreover, legend has it that the fortress was the backdrop to the love affair of Paolo and Francesca, famous above all for having been mentioned by Dante in the 5th canto of the Divine Comedy, making Gradara the city of love par excellence. The Gradara Castle hosts musical events, theater and historical re-enactments. The most famous are the Siege of the Castle and the Magic Castle.


For those who want to do a little trip instead, San Leo is ideal. Also one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, rises above the mountain of the same name: it is first a Roman settlement then a possession of the Montefeltro, enemies of the Malatesta. Federico di Montefeltro had the stronghold rebuilt so that it was more suitable to defend itself from firearms, creating a unique and absolutely impressive architectural work: San Leo presents a tower on the top of Monte Guardia, a lookout post, is isolated from the village and it seems like a natural continuation of the rock. The name of San Leo is linked to the character of San Leone di Dalmazia, who arrived in these lands. In 1613 the Fortress becomes a prison, the cells are taken from the military housing: the political dissidents were imprisoned here, but above all it is known for being the prison of a character wrapped in mystery like Count Cagliostro. “AlchimiaAlchimie” is the name of the event dedicated to him. This festival with the cherry festival and the threshing festival, are occasions to taste the typical products: the “Balsamo di Cagliostro”, the sweet spianata and the cheese with walnut leaves. “Giullari in Festival” is held in summer. To visit is the Medici Palace and its Museum of Sacred Art.