Easter Events

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Easter Events

Castello di Granarola has been designed for those who want to discover the tradition of the Holy Week, to discover the typical Easter events and not far from the Castle.

A well known event is La Turba di Cantiano, a representation that stages the process, the stoning and the via crucis with actors and extras, complete with a crucifixion.

History shows that the populations tired of war and misery, impatient towards the fratricidal struggles of Guelphs and Ghibellines, were beating thousands (hence the name of “turba”) streets and squares of Italy invoking peace and brotherhood. On the route between Umbria and Romagna, in the Marche region they also passed through Cantiano, where a more structured precession took shape over the centuries, which is still one of the most beautiful sacred representations among the many initiatives for the Holy Week in Italy.

Another very popular event with an emotional impact in the Marche region is the Procession of the Dead Christ in Cagli. On Good Friday a procession of bare-headed hoodies leaves from the Cathedral of Cagli in the late afternoon and ends in front of the church of San Giuseppe with the two opposing groups of the Addolorata on one side and that of Christ on the other at the feet of the great cross.

In the evening over four hundred confreres, dressed in tunics, barefoot and hooded, walk the streets of the village in the light of the torches, surrounded by the silence and the music of the drums. An emotionally strong, highly suggestive experience.

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