Follow the sun

The event that will give you the thrill of following the sun until its sunset and beyond.
The Castle of Granarola will welcome you in an exclusive location where you can relax and enjoy a refined happy hour and a breathtaking view: from the hills of the Marche up to the coast of the Adriatic Sea.

Weekly date

“Follow the sun”
awaits you every Thursday at the Castle of Granarola
from 17.30 until after sunset.

Wonder of nature

Among all the shows of nature the sunset is perhaps one of the most appreciated and certainly the most romantic: the sun that falls, vanishes and disappears has always been a great attraction to the passionate audience of dreamers.

Tribute to the sun

This summer at the Castle of Granarola the sunset will be even more magical, including aperitifs, music and tastings. A regenerative ritual for the soul and the spirit. With this idea Marco Morosini wanted to pay homage to the sun with a series of events surrounded by greenery and with breathtaking views of the Riviera.

The sun at sunset

The sunset is inspiring, so inspiring: artists, poets, writers, musicians.
Literati, intellectuals and composers of all time quote the sun and sunset, in a universal language.

“There’s nothing more musical than a sunset”
– Claude Debussy

“There is a clear hour in the day that could be defined as absence of noise, it is the clear hour of dusk”
– Victor Hugo

“And I kiss your mouth wet with dusk”
– Pablo Neruda

Local flavors

A selection of the best wines and
beers from the territory of the Adriatic Riviera