Outdoor hot bath

At almost 140 meters above sea level with unique views of the Adriatic Riviera, under fragrant oak trees and a starry sky, the Castle of Granarola offers its guests the opportunity to enjoy the wellness terrace consisting of a hot tub. It is made of natural wood, with water heated by a wood stove for a pleasant warm outdoor bath in any season. A ritual to enjoy a moment of well-deserved relaxation, surrounded by natural scents and sounds in a fairytale setting.

Health and wellness

The hot tub is used for hydrotherapy, relaxation or pleasure. Some have powerful jets for massage purposes. A ritual to enjoy a moment of well-deserved relaxation in couple or in the company of friends in the quiet of the landscape and evenings with the atmosphere of soft lights and relaxing herbal teas by the pool. Taking some time for yourself improves mental and physical well-being and taking a bath in hot water is one of the habits to relax and regain health. Nowadays we are all victims of stress, for work, economic, emotional reasons, health: the long-term activation of the stress response system can compromise almost all natural self-healing processes of the body thus increasing the risk of incurring numerous health problems.

Relaxation of body and mind

Sitting inside your “mini-pool” is a personal pleasure. Your hot tub spa is an excellent remedy for stress, a personal pleasure for body and mind… as well as a good opportunity to pamper yourself a little. The temperature range between indoor and outdoor temperature increases the effectiveness of the beneficial effects of the sauna… A true ritual of beauty and relaxation, which purifies the skin and respiratory tract and has a metabolic and toning action for the entire body. We give everyone a chance to carve out a moment to relax and so… Water regenerates, fire gives energy, earth and air complete the experience.