Natural Spa

Natural Spa: feel the Forest Bathing!

Live a multi sensory, therapeutic and enveloping experience in nature.

Natural Spa – the roar of water, the warmth of the fire, the purity of the air, the fertility of the earth. 
The natural elements are preserved intact in their marvelous simplicity at the Castello di Granarola.

Free your mind from daily thoughts!

Let yourself be carried away on a regenerating forest therapy path in the Castle’s Sauna and Hot Tubs.
Find out more about our Finnish sauna.

It is known that the bark of trees in the forest environment releases aromatic substances of a therapeutic nature, in other words they are able to act positively on multiple levels.


Wellness and Psyche

The aromatic essences, for example, promote rest and relaxation by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. They also promote our physical and mental well-being.

Mind and Body

The chemicals present in the air of the Castle strengthen the immune system and therefore strongly influence the body and mind.

Effects against depression and stress

Diving in the forest stabilizes the hormonal system and reduces the production of cortisol, the hormone closely related to chronic stress.
Walking through the trees has positive effects against stress and especially depression


In conclusion, modern medicine confirms the validity of herbal medicines.
It certainly uses many active ingredients of plant molecules.

Wonderful and above all regenerating days await you at the Granarola Castle!

Book directly at 3287891184 or by mail at info@castellodigranarola.it


Forest Bathing

Natural Hot Tubs
Garden Natural Hot Tub - Castello di Granarola - Natural Spa
Garden Natural Hot Tub Natural Spa – Granarola Castle
Poll Natural Hot Tub - Castello di Granarola - Natural Spa
Pool Natural Hot Tub Natural Spa – Granarola Castle
Finnish Sauna
Sauna Finlandese - Castello di Granarola - Natural Spa
Finnish Sauna Natural Spa – Granarola Castle


Day Use in Luxury residence available from 2pm to 10pm where you will find an enveloping, warm and soft bathrobe and comfortable slippers

Invigorating bath with heated hot water and powerful hydromassage jets

Refreshing herbal teas or prosecco served by the jacuzzi

Finnish sauna, a pleasure for the mind and body in harmony with nature

And if you want, even take a walk along the forest path

EXTRAS · To complete the therapeutic experience, available upon request when booking, it is possible to add a relaxing and invigorating massage

price starting from 130.00 €