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Why we celebrate Valentine’s Day and the lovers? What are its origins?

In the fifth century Pope Gelasius I decided to Christianize the pagan cult of the Feast of Lupercalia, a Roman feast from 13 to 15 February, which provided for purification rites in the name of the god Faunus, protector of forests and agriculture and therefore of fertility and fecundity .

According to the pagan rite, women used to touch animal skins sacrificed, believing that this could bring them greater fertility. Young women also had the custom of leaving a note with their name in an urn, giving the possibility to some bachelors to choose one from the same container. Often it all ended in a marriage.


But who was this saint?

Saint Valentino, borned in Interamma Nahars, the current Terni, in 176 AD. and died in Rome on February 14, 273, he was a Roman bishop who had been martyred.

Valentino dedicated his life to the Christian community and to the city of Terni, where persecutions against the followers of Jesus were raging. He was consecrated bishop of the city in 197 and then became the protector of love all over the world.


Why did he choose as the patron saint of lovers?

He is considered the patron saint of lovers because legend has it that he was the first religious who celebrated the union between a pagan legionary and a young Christian.

It is also said that the party of lovers was introduced by Goffrey Chaucer who in the “Poem of Birds” associates the recurrence to the engagement of Richard II of England with Anne of Bohemia.

Finally, in the mid-nineteenth century, in the USA, Esther Howland began producing industrial-scale Valentine’s tickets. With the passing of time the tradition of love tickets became secondary compared to the exchange of boxes of chocolates, a bouquet of flowers or jewels.


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